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We look forward to you now twice:

Our restaurant and garden restaurant is open for you again and
we are happy to offer Guggital's takeaway and delivery service even after May 11th!

Gartenwirtschaft GuggitalTakeaway Guggital

Thank you very much for your loyalty! Your Guggital team!

Aperitif Banquet Catering Seminar

Your banquet in Guggital with the current BAG Protection Concept

  • Banquets are able to take place again
  • The participants of the banquet count as a group of guest and thus do not have to keep a minimum distance between them
  • The client of the banquet has the data of the guests (name, telephone number), and thus does not have to disclose it to us
  • The guests of the banquet should not intermix with other or different guests
  • In the event of a corona infection during the banquet, only this group must be quarantined, however, not the other groups who were present on the same day!
  • You can move freely within a banquet / guest group
  • The guests of the banquet do not have to arrive together

We take care of you:

  • There are fixed disinfection stands at the entrances
  • A waiting area is indicated with distance markings
  • We are happy to comply with the hygiene rules
  • We will allocate rooms and tables with the required minimum distances
  • We advise you not to mingle with other groups of guests
  • We collect the data of groups of over four people for two weeks
  • Our employees are informed concerning the BAG Protection Concept
  • We largely abstain from using objects with which several people could come into contact with (cruet stands at the table, break baskets, ….)
  • We will be keeping our distance and take the BAG Protection Concept seriously

We are happy to help you!

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