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 +======Your meeting in Guggital with the current BAG Protection Concept=====
 +  * Meetings are able to take place again (up to 300 people)
 +  * The participants of the meeting count as a group of guest and thus do not have to keep a minimum distance between them
 +  * The client of the meeting has the data of the guests (name, telephone number), and thus does not have to disclose it to us
 +  * The guests of the meeting should not intermix with other or different guests
 +  * In the event of a corona infection during the meeting, only this group must be quarantined,​ however, not the other groups who were present on the same day!
 +  * You can move freely within a meeting / guest group
 +  * We may only serve food and drinks to seated guests!
 +  * The guests of the meeting do not have to arrive together
 +=====We take care of you: =====
 +  * There are fixed disinfection stands at the entrances
 +  * A waiting area is indicated with distance markings
 +  * We are happy to comply with the hygiene rules
 +  * We will allocate rooms and tables with the required minimum distances
 +  * We advise you not to mingle with other groups of guests
 +  * We collect the data of groups of over four people for two weeks
 +  * Our employees are informed concerning the BAG Protection Concept
 +  * We largely abstain from using objects with which several people could come into contact with (cruet stands at the table, break baskets, ….)
 +  * We will be keeping our distance and take the BAG Protection Concept seriously ​
 +=====We are happy to help you! =====
 **ROOM RENTAL**<​columns 100% 23% 30% 17% 14% 15%> **ROOM RENTAL**<​columns 100% 23% 30% 17% 14% 15%>
 **Meeting room**\\ ​ **Meeting room**\\ ​

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