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Menu Suggestions

The following menus has been compiled by our kitchen team taking into account the seasonal products.

Selbstverständlich können Sie die einzelnen Gänge der Menüs untereinander austauschen und Ihr eigenes, ganz persönliches Menü nach Ihren Wünschen, zusammenstellen.

Our menu suggestions apply from 10 people. Für kleinere Gesellschaften empfehlen wir unsere saisonale
A la carte Speisekarte.

For your personal menu meeting please make an appointment. We would be happy to assist you with our specialist knowledge and experience.

We look forward to spoiling you with culinary delights in the Hotel Restaurant Guggital soon.

Our menu suggestions apply from 10 people. For smaller companies, we recommend our seasonal
A la carte menu.


We offer a diverse selection of hot and cold aperitif snacks

Here is our selection:

Click here for apero riche and flying dinner:

Menus Guggital 3 course menu Guggital 4-5 course menu Whiskymenu

Main courses Guggital Meals

Buffets Guggital Businesslunch Guggital Buffet Fondue Chinoise Buffet

Guggitals Fondue Chinoise - Immer wieder fein!

Von Hand geschnittenes frisches Fleisch (220 g pro Person), reichlich garniert mit Gemüse, Reis, Pommes frites, Saucen und Knoblauchbrot:

Fleischauswahl I
Rind-, Kalb-, Schweinefleisch und Poulet

Fleischauswahl II
Rind- und Kalbfleisch, Poulet

Fleischauswahl III
Rind- und Kalbfleisch

46.00 pro Person

49.00 pro Person

54.00 pro Person

Andere Fleischsorten auf Anfrage.

* mit Vorbestellung, ab 10 Personen

Mit Vorbestellung gibt es Guggitals beliebtes Fondue Chinoise bereits ab 2 Personen:

Sie wollen unser Fondue Chinoise zu Hause geniessen? Hier geht es zu unserem Angebot:

NEW in Guggital's menu suggestions

Sathas Kirschen Kirsch Eistorte
Because of the overwhelming feedback on the new creation from our chef Satha Satchithanantham, we are taking the Zug Cherry Kirsch ice cream cake into our menu suggestions all year round!

A magical combination of cherry parfait and kirsch parfait, with a perfectly soaked kirsch biscuit core, on a fine Japonais base - Really a pleasure!

Menu suggestions spring/summer
Menu suggestions autumn/winter
Guggital Christmas events
Guggital Wine list

Our dishes are freshly produced. We are happy to provide you with information about ingredients and origin. Please let us know if you are allergic to certain products, even if they are not suspected in your chosen dish.

Meat declaration
Swiss beef, veal, pork, chicken
New Zealand Lamb, French Duck
Swiss char *, whitefish *, Egli *
Lake Constance (D) pikeperch *
* If not available, the origin can be different from fish. We would be happy to inform you. pikeperch\\

Our prices include VAT.

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