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The Guggital has a long tradition of classic desserts made to old family recipes. Our sweet specialities are complemented by autumn/winter classics, vegan desserts and ice cream/sorbet, current creations and Guggital's invention, the popular Zug Kirsch ice cream cake. Our ice creams and sorbet have no softeners or other additives.

In addition, we offer dessert buffets and a large selection of other homemade desserts for banquets.

Guggital Herbst/Winterdesserts Guggital Dessertklassiker Guggitals Kreation Zuger Kirschen Kirsch Eistorte Guggital Hausgemachte Glace und Sorbets

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Our dishes are freshly produced. We will be happy to provide you with information about ingredients and origin. Please inform us if you are allergic to certain products, even if they are not suspected in your chosen dish.

Our prices are inclusive of VAT.

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